Teach English in Dazhou-shi

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Teach English in Dayan Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In the second unit, Teaching and learning, I learned about the unique ways of which teaching children from the ages of five to thirteen and their expected learning outcomes
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Teach English in Dongxiang Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In the Unit we understand the differences between L1 and L2, for L1 the learning path is earlier than L2 and start to learn from the childhood (before age 5), L2 is the second learning language is learned later
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Teach English in erlang Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In this unit, I learned that many learning and developmental theories exist, but there are four major learning and behavior theories, which are: constructivist, maturationist, environmentalist and cognitive
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Teach English in Guandu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
I have learned about the student native language known as L1 and it's contribution to students in generating ideas and developing skills for L2,which is the language they are learning as (English)
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Teach English in Guanyin Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The unit covered the 4 main learning theories, how young learners acquire L2 and what methods should be used by teachers to efficiently stimulate the children
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