Teach English in Baiba Zhen - Dazhou Shi

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The unit discusses, four major groups of learning and developmental theories. Maturation theory states we are pre-programmed, a natural sequence of events, regardless of any other stimuli. Environmental theory, states our behavior is a reaction to our surroundings. Constructivism says, we construct our own settings in which learning can take place. The unit also, discusses how Native language (L1) and Second Language (L2) are acquired in life. It discusses designing a syllabus by following a standard communicative approach for grouped age 5 to 9 , and 9 to 13. Group 5 to 9, all teaching is in English and lessons are student centered with high student talk time. There would be a whole range of high physical level of activity and noise. Group 9 to 13, would follow the ESA Methodology. Teaching is in English, lessons are student centered with high student talk time and a variety of practice activities before free speaking activities. I learned that the Semi-circular student seating arrangement would be best for the communicative language approach, because it allows for visibility and movement for all students,which would promote full class interaction. The unit discusses the different roles the teacher may have, such as instructor, facilitator, or policeman, depending on what is going on in the classroom, along with the character traits, likes and dislikes of the two age groups mentioned above.