Teach English in Banqiao Zhen - Dazhou Shi

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In this unit, we have learned that there are four major groups that emerge when looking at learning and behavior theories: Constructivist, Maturationists, Environmentalists and others. It is different to teach L1 and L2 students. But normally we follow the ESL class standard teaching method which is ESA order. (Straight Arrow lesson, Boomerang lesson and Patchwork). For different teaching purpose, we consider some of the possible arrangements we can use to promote full class interaction.(Circular, semi-circular, group tables). In the class, teachers could be playing different roles, such as instructors who are the knowers of a certain body of knowledge, facilitators who are the provider of a learning environment, mentors who are role models, psychologists who can deal with student's personal problems, counselors who can give help and advice, policemen who can control crowded class.