Teach English in Mengmao Zhen - Dehong Daizu Jingpozu Zizhizhou

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Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class effectively with variety of components such as eye contact, gesture and the voice of a teacher and how to group the students appropriately in order to have the best result of learning and so on.In addition, the balance of teacher talking time and student talking time is also important to avoid any unnecessary outcome.Building up rapport between a teacher and a student helps determining if a class is enjoyable or successful.Providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere is certainly encouraged the participation of the student.However, maintaining discipline of the student in the class is also a crucial factor how effective the learning is.Therefore, being a successful teacher must know how to strike the correct balance between a student and a teacher. As a wise saying goes, 'kill two birds with one stone'. Thank you.