Teach English in Nabang Zhen - Dehong Daizu Jingpozu Zizhizhou

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The different possibilities for arranging students and varying activities (individual, pairs, groups, whole class)will round out the learning experience and provide more opportunities for the students to participate actively. Some students will do better in the traditional class rows or in pairs, others in groups,but by using a variety of activities and arrangements there should be something for everyone. It is good to study the pros and cons of each to pick the arrangements according to the particular dynamics of the class. I learned to pay attention to how I give instructions, clear and at the level (or below) of the students, using visual prompts, and repeating the same vocabulary for the same exercises; turn to page fifty-three, etc. The section on keeping control in the class room is classic: being respectful, punctual and prepared, not giving threats we can't enforce, keeping the institutions guidelines, talking to the student after class, etc. Very good list, thanks!