Teach English in Changjiaoba Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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It may seem that a teacher’s role in a classroom may be easy as a silk flowing transition from one activity to the other or shall we say from one task to another. However, in reality the teachers’ role inside the classroom is a difficult one. Being a teacher one must know how to carry out activities incorporated throughout the lesson smoothly without the feel of not being confident because students have their own way of knowing if and when the teacher is not prepared or being confused on his or her role as a teacher. From the beginning of the lesson or what is also known as the Engage phase the teacher would then be a facilitator by engaging the students to think and talk in the English language as much as they can. Going further to the Study phase, the teacher would then be the instructor or at times is also the facilitator depending on the situation of the flow of the lesson specially when the method being used is a student-centered learning which means that the teacher here plays the role more of being a facilitator. Meanwhile, on the Activate phase, the teacher now may shift to being an audience, whenever there is an activity to be presented by the class, at the same time, a judge perhaps so that he or she may give a deserving grade to what has just been presented and how well it did. Though of course praises are always given to students throughout the lesson. However, while it is true that according to one of the unit in this course, there are six different roles of a teacher and these are being an instructor (the ‘knower’ of a certain body of knowledge), facilitator (provider of a learning environment), mentor (role model), psychologist (deals with students’ personal problems), counsellor (gives help and advice) and a policeman (crowd control) which I myself find it also very true. There are of course a lot of methodologies and approaches that a teacher may use during the lesson proper and the teacher should be able to gauge when and when is the best time to play such role so that the transition of the activities may not confuse the students. Depending on the part of the lesson whether he or she will be the facilitator, instructor, policeman, etc., what is important is that the teacher should be effective during the teaching process. Students should be able to understand what is being taught, practice the concepts such as the mill drill part, and apply the knowledge on a given scenario. He or she must be able to make sure that they as teachers, learning takes place while shifting roles as needed. Teachers' roles are somewhat we call the actions behind the scenes. These are the things that the teachers need to consider in order to execute a well flowing discussion. Students may not see these actions behind the scenes but may feel the good flow of the lesson. Thus students may give feedback that a particular teacher is very good at teaching. Well, this is because the teacher is well versed on how to play his role accordingly.