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A language is called and genuinely gets a global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country. A language is truly called a global language when it is taken up by countries around the world and they decide to give it a special place within their communities. It can be done in two main ways. Firstly a language can be made the official language of a country which means it is used as a medium of communication in such domains as government, the law courts, the media and the educational system. Secondly a language can be made a priority in a country's foreign language teaching even though this language has no official status. But it becomes a language which is most likely to be taught to the children in that country. A global language ranks high both in terms of the number of countries where it is spoken as well as the sheer number of people who speak that language either as native language or as second language. In this context when we talk about English as a global language we term it as the lingua franca. This prospect takes us towards the sceneraio that a lingua franca might be needed for the whole world. This idea strongly emerged in the 20th century. Today we know English as a global language or lingua franka with more than 350 million people around the world speaking it as a first language and more than 430 million speaking it as the second language. There are English speakers in most of the countries around the world. English language was evolved in the 14th century. English is a mandatory language if you aspire to have a career in international aviation. No other language can match its status. It is becoming world's second native language. It is used everywhere around the world as the language of international communication. When we talk about the links which actually are also the reasons along with the other of English dominance in the fields of commerce, industry, technology, science or medicine etc. In every field English as a global language occupies dominance. If we talk about science or medicine much of the technical terminology is found in English and if we want to learn about latest developments and discoveries around the world, journals and research reports, seminars or conferences everywhere English language is required and used. It has the puissance to enhance communication among the individuals being particularly favourable and propitious in the area of economics and trade. Many of the best MBA programs are taught in English. So being competent in English and speaking it well can place you in a position to get the best training and credentials. Most multi national companies require a certain degree of English proficiency from potential employees. So in order to get a position with a top company more and more people are learning English language. The internet is mostly English based. Most of the content created on web is also in English if you want to utilize the power of internet it is highly advisable that you must be able to read English with at least an 8th grade proficiency level. So it can be clearly deduce that in almost every field ranging from business, science, technology, academics, entertainment and sports English commands a global influence. If you want to travel around the world for the sake of culture exchange and exposure or to find some job you must be able to communicate properly in English. It actually increases your worth and market value if you are competent in English accuracy and fluency. That is why people seek to learn the language its structure and exact pronunciation and accent because it is a requirement when we talk internationally. English is widely recognized as the language of the world even though there are more mandarin and Spanish speakers in the world than English speakers. This is the force and impact of English as a global language. Another interesting aspect in this connection is in many countries being able to speak and write English fluently and accurately as a non native English speaker is often seen as a status symbol. It shows that you have had an English based education which is even more prestigious. It is also important to note that the status of English as a global language had been increased and strengthened with the passage of time. So there is no second thought as to think about any language other than English as the global language. English is the language of future that is why the maximum impact of English language is seen in the education system of every country. It is a challenge for every educational institution from kindergarten to higher studies to ensure the competency and proficiency of English language skills. In most of the countries around the world international school system is extremely popular as it is the demand of the parents in particular and of the masses in general to ensure accuracy and fluency of English language. In non English speaking countries even prefer native speakers as English teachers so that their generation may get the real and actual accent and pronunciation of the language. In short keeping in view and analyzing the above discussion it is clear that English has rightly been called the language of international communication which means a global language. No matter which country we belong to which field we work in English as a global language is a requirement, a compulsion to qualify and a target to meet. History confirms its importance and worth and the coming times will prove it right.