Teach English in Huangan Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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When talking about the role of the teacher in a class, one must first look at the definition of the word teacher. According to Cambridge dictionary, a teacher is someone whose job is to teach in a school. The main role of a teacher before and even today is to teach, to provide information, to share his/her knowledge to an individual or a group of people. A teacher teaches certain subject areas or skills which society requires in order to obtain a degree or to qualify for a job. But throughout time, a teacher does not only teach but does so much more. The usual role of a teacher is the “Instructor”. The provider of information and knowledge. The teacher in this instance seems to be the “all-knowing superior being” where a group of students looks for enlightenment. Even if we have the use of today’s technological advancements, the teacher is the one being looked upon for information, wisdom, and knowledge. With the current teaching style where the instructors are asked to talk and discuss less and students are encouraged to learn by doing, the role of the teacher also changes. The teacher becomes more of a facilitator of activities. Assigning students what to do and checking if they doing it accordingly or if they are derailing from the lesson. Some roles may change depending on the situation or scenario, but one role will, most likely, never change. They say that “practice what you preach”. Students look upon the teacher as a “mentor” figure or as a “role model” where they want to pattern themselves. A student will not always perform to his/her highest level. Many factors may come into play, it could be that he/she is having difficulties with the lesson or the student might not be feeling well or the student might be encountering problems inside or outside the learning environment. It doesn’t matter if these are young learners or adults that are learning Business English, a teacher becomes a psychologist to help them deal with their problems. When the unruly and the uninterested become a problem for the entire class and becoming a total distraction to the class, the teacher steps up as a disciplinarian or a police-like figure enforcing the rules and regulations of the learning environment, in order to have a conducive learning environment for everyone. In some situations, the teacher becomes a counselor giving pieces of advice on what to do, on what decision make next or even help or advice with development. Sometimes the teacher becomes a one-man cheering squad prompting, motivating and pushing the students to participate and even exceed their limitations and in some cases, the teacher would also become a participant to his/her activity in class just so the class would feel more relaxed and at ease. Finally, a teacher becomes an assessor. The teacher is like the friend who tells you the things you need to hear for feedback and improvement. The teacher does not only let you hear what you want to hear but corrects the students’ mistakes and faults. No matter the situation, teaching style, or activity, young or an adult, the teacher has many roles. Sometimes doing it one at a time and sometimes being multiple things needed by the class. The teacher will adapt, improvise if need and overcome the main goal and that is to make sure the students learn.