Teach English in Jianchi Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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Throughout the yeras, English has became an intercultural language. Nowadays, it is not only one of the most common language in the world but also a business must have. During the globalization process, companies that want to invest abroad or to cooparate with foreigner partners are aware that speaking English is a necessity. Therefore, there is a growing number of English teachers who take courses such as TEFL Business English to gain a specialist knowledge and provide a high quality content to business people. To begin with, teaching Business English is a very complex subject. It is obvious that as a teacher we are not obligated to be a specialist in any particular business fields as e.g. medicine in order to teach a doctor. However, there are certain methods and techniques that can be aplied to a whole range of different activities during the course. When clients bring wealth of knowledge and expertise, teacher needs to be always prepare to make a lesson as practical and relevant to their needs as possible. Firstly, it is important to highlight and divide the roles of teacher and learners. It is certain that teaching adults will be different than young learners. It has some advantages (level of maturity, motivation) and disadvantages (tiredness, work place infuence and work problems). At the same time there are some pros and cons in comparison to one-to-one course verus groups. A teacher will have a set of responsabilities that go with a contract of employement. It includes contact hours, syllabus, resources that are acceptable to the employer and what are the aims to be achieved with students. Furthermore, there are some crucial features that need to be applied before starting, during and at the end of the course. One of the main consideration when meeting new students for the first time, is to make an assesment of what is their proficiency level and what are their needs (needs analysis). The results will give an idea about how to design a syllabus and what kind of subjects should be covered. During the course, teachers have lots of different materials to choose from. Authentic materials such as company reports, memos, article from the financial magazine. On the other hand, there are non-authentic materials like a comunicative activity sheets and charts. After having a syllabus, subjects to cover and materials, it is a high time to choose a method of teaching. The most efficient one is ESA methodology, which includes Engage, Study and Activate stage. Each lesson should have its own plan. At the end of the course the final assesment takes place. This allows to measure the efficacy of the course and monitor the students’ progress. The final topic to be covered is teaching themes. In each Business English course we can find a section which deal with particular language lesson such as the language of telephoning, e-mails or meetings. There are some techniques and activities that can be applied to many business contexts. The first tool is a case study. It gives students a whole range of language learning opportunities. The second option is a frameworking. The structure of this activity includes input, proces and output. It can be easily used based on company’s financial report. Students can describe the past situation, the present and what company wants to acheive in the future using past, present and future tenses. Another great activity is a problem based exercise. Teacher can give a certain problem in the company that has to be solved by the students. Eventually, there is numerous games that could be used as „warmers” at the beginning of each leasson, such as Pictionary® or hangman. To sum up, the Business English market is constantly growing and gives lots of opportunities to teachers. We can teach private clients (one-to-one lessons), teach in a language school or „in house” at a company. It is vital to choose the right techniques and methods in order to meet the needs of business people. At the same time, it is essential for teachers to be flexible and have a common knowledge about the culture, social and political background of their destination country.