Teach English in Jinquan Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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Classroom management is one of the most difficult skills for many of the new teachers.Teachers need to behave in different ways at different stages of a lesson to manage the classroom and to successfully guide learners through the lesson.Teachers can use many different roles in every lesson but these roles vary depending on the learners' needs and learners' styles and ways of the teaching.Teachers must be flexible like an actor who changes his \her role according to the activity or situation without dominant or leaving the students uncertain. However ,teachers also know ; what he should should say, when he should say and how he should say when a problem occur in the class. There are 10 steps which help teachers to manage the classes : 1. Planning the lesson : The best teachers are those who think carefully about what they are going to do in their classes and who plan how they are going to organise the teaching and learning.Teacher much organise the every stages of a lesson like anticipates problems, during the warm up,lead in phase, language resources ,during the activate phase ,monitors,role-play,pair work activities.Being well prepared can help to stop some problems in the class. 2. Classroom Rules : Teacher should establish the classroom rules before the lesson and writes them on the board and explain it to students very clearly in the first lesson.These rules must be followed by everyone. 3.Using body language : Eye contact , gesture ,voice tone can help the teachers to manage the class.For example ,effective eye contact can help the students to involve the lesson and to maintain the discipline.Using gesture can help to increase the pace of the lesson and make our lesson interested.If teachers change their voice naturally according to the circumtances ,their lesson will not be dull monatone or boredom. 4.Classroom arrangement : Teacher must organise the learning spaces makes sure everything in the classroom is smoothly and sets up rules and routines for behaviour. 5.Teacher positions: Teacher goes around the class during individual,pair and group work activities ,checking learning and providing support as necessarry. 6. Creating positive learning environment: To build positive atmosphere , teachers should ; - use students names - greet cheerfully on entering the class - focus on positive behaviour of students - get to know each students personally - encourage students to speak in their mind and participate in the class - give chance to students 7. Rapport builder : Teacher must try to create a good relationship between the learners themselves , the teacher and students.At the beginning of a course an ice breaking activities can help to build rapport in the class. 8. Giving instructions: Teacher must use clear and simple language when giving instructions.However teacher musn't forget to check that if students understand it or not.The best effective way to ask students concept checking questions to check them. 9. Teachers role : Effective classroom management ,organising the classroom and learners is depend on the teacher using appropriate roles.For example when learners misbehave ,the teacher needs to ensure that the learners understand that is not acceptable behaviour and then teacher use maintain discipline .Teachers must have appropriate role to encourge smooth classroom management.Teachers roles depends on the needs of learners. 10.Maintaininig discipline: Students ages and levels can effect to maintain the discipline.Classroom challenges for each ages is different so classroom managment plans should also be different. some students may have family problems ,stressful environment at home ,lack of sleep or low self esteem...These problems maybe out of school but it can influenced in the class especially on primary students.In these stuations teachers need to talk their parents.However some students have disruptive behaviour like talking during teaching, making loud noises in class,arguing witout any reason etc..Teacher can stop these problems with being consistent and fair , never losing temper, talking the students individually and face to face, facusing on the behaviour not the student, sometimes keeping calm , using body language. All these 10 steps will help teachers who has a problem about classroom managment and maintaining the discipline. GULER SARYHAN