Teach English in Wuhou Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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In my classroom,there are so many younger students.So the games in the classroom is very important.I will use these games to create active classroom atmosphere. 1.Pass saying . The class divide into several groups and stand on lines. The teacher pass a word/a sentence to the first student of the line. that student will pass the word/sentence on, till the last one. (be careful pass them secretly ) The group which pass the word/sentence correctly and quickly will win the game. 2.What is missing? The teacher will show some pictures to students for a while. Then pick out one of the pictures secretly and show them to the students again. The student must find out What is missing. 3.Listen and Do.Listen to the command and do the action. Be careful to finish the command correctly and quickly. The last one who finish the command or make mistakes will be eliminated off the game. 4.Simon says.If the students hear the teacher says “Simon says” before a command, they should do and say the command.But if they don’t hear “Simon says” before a command, they mustn’t do or say the command. The one who makes mistake will sit down and be eliminated off the game. 5.Mouth words .The teacher will say words or sentences with the mouth move only and without voice.The students must look at the teacher’s mouth carefully and tell out what is the teacher saying about. 6.Louder and lower . When the teacher say a word or a sentence loudly, the student must say of them lowly,when the teacher say lowly ,the pupil must say loudly. 7.Remember games.A group of students stand in line and try to remember things. The first student of the line will say a word or a sentence, the second one must repeat out what he/she says and then tell the word or sentences of his/her own. The third one must repeat out the first two student’s speaking and then tell his/her own. By this way runs the game. The last one must repeat out all the speaking above. 8.Judge sounds .A student closes his/her eyes. One of the other students will say something in English. He/she open the eyes and looking for the student who makes the sound and then go to talk with him/her. (ask and answer or greeting). 9.Looking for things .A student closes the eyes. The other student will hide something in the classroom. Then he/she will open eyes and go to look for the thing. During this time, the other student will clap their hands and say the sentence “where is/are your__?”. When he/she get nearer by the thing they will say the sentence louder, when he/she get further, they will say lower. 10.Voice and objects .A student closes the eyes. The other students will make some sounds behind him/her. Then he/she will judge what’s the sounds represent of? Such as judge the sound “roar” as a tiger. “bump, bump” as “playing basketball” an so on. How to use these games properly is the key to warm up the classroom.With different kids,with different games.