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Classrooms are considered as platform for acquiring knowledge and skills,whereas coherent classroom management can be an effective approach to inculcate and enhance those skills with practice and patience. Good classroom management creates an atmosphere that permits activities to be carried on efficiently,maximising the time,effort and energy of both teacher and students. Planning is an integral part of classroom management,especially for the novice teachers.Teaching on the spur of the moment, might make the teacher look puzzled and can cause chaos in the class.A quick look over lesson plan,routines and materials makes the work easier and organised. As it is truly said“By failing to prepare,you are preparing to fail”. Classroom instructions must be clear as it has direct effect on the management of class. Teacher should not rush to finish the lessons without checking students’ understanding. It is imperative to create a secure and friendly environment where all the students are accepted and cherished for their differences and traits. Allow the students to talk freely and express themselves without any barriers ,rather being lone sage on stage.This generates enthusiasm and maximises students’ participation.Topics should be relevant and taught through meaningful context,stimulating interest and reducing boredom.Reluctant students should not be put on side or given cold shoulder but encouraged to partake at their own pace.Moreover, they should be encouraged to accomplish tasks with the help of their peers or by reinforcing difficult language point. Physical environment of the class also plays an important part in keeping the students attractive and attentive. Vibrantly colourful charts, displaying students finest work,give them the sense of belonging towards the class .Bulletin boards manifesting classroom visions and accolades ,slogans and thoughts inspire and boost the self esteem. Traditional classroom setup where all the desk are in rows facing forward is ideal for larger classrooms,allowing good eye contact with the students.However,it refrain students from participating in group work.Seating arrangement with students’ maximum interaction for instance, horseshoe and circles,allows better retention, synthesises information as well as good collaboration during activities.This helps in building sense of community and camaraderie among the peers.The disadvantage to this arrangement is that shy students may feel uncomfortable being out in open.However,an empathetic teacher should always try to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of class and accommodate variety of teaching. Teacher should always be heedful of his or her position during various stages and should be able to control the class without being dominant,monitoring activities and helping the struggling students.Getting familiar with students names and their interests,helps in organising pairs and groups during various activities and also encourage them to be attentive and answer, when called upon.A teacher that doesn’t addresses students with their names is often perceived as disinterested and unapproachable. Having optimistic attitude,captivating eye contact,charismatic gestures,prominent voice,and positive feedback are important elements,that fall under the umbrella of an efficient classroom management. Effective teacher should blend both verbal and non verbal communication skills in establishing good rapport with students.Just like frazzled look or dull voice conveys lack of confidence ,an upright posture and communicative eye contact demonstrates enthusiasm. Consistent,proactive discipline is the crux of effective classroom management.Classroom rules should be clearly defined and followed by everyone including teacher. Every child should be given equal share of attention,guidance and direction,eschewing classroom favouritism. This helps not only in building strong,positive rapport with students but also fosters learning and reduces behavioural problems.As students follow the lead of teachers,modelling and demonstrating ideal behaviour, teaches students to act sagaciously in different situations. Polite language, emphatic listening, pleasant expressions and patience can promote a better learning environment. As a manager, it is crucial to be aware of all actions and activities in the classroom.However, one should not over correct as it makes the conditions pedantic and stringent.Minor disturbances shall be treated calmly. Negative measures such as ridicule nagging, threats, forced apology punishment of the group for the offence of one or few,humiliating remarks can trigger misbehaviour, making the situation worse.Nevertheless ,atrocious disorders should be dealt with positivity such as personal conference with concerned pupils and parents. Finally, always appreciate and praise, it goes a long way motivating the students to learn ,gives them the sense of achievement ,coaxing them to work beyond their abilities.