Teach English in Zhangwan Zhen - Heze Shi

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Everyone knows that being able to speak English is very important in order to be able to communicate effectively in many countries of the world. English is the international language and the official language for business and commerce in particular. The English language spread around the world because of politics, history, social and cultural factors. The English language is prominent in the world because of its politics and history, while the social and cultural factors have helped to preserve the language. Historically the English language followed all the movements from America and Asia. This expansion continued in the 16th century with the colonization of Africa and the South Pacific. The other factors are based on how the people in the world have started to depend on the English language for their economic and social wellbeing. Culture, music, science, technology, commerce, communication and sport are all predominantly in English and therefore it can be said that English is an international language, a lingua franca. Having said this though, it doesn't necessarily mean that all the inhabitants of the world know how to speak English. I don't have to go far to give an example. I have been living in Italy for the past 15 years but I haven't yet met an Italian who can start and finish a conversation in English. A lot of people can just say "What's your name?" and won't go much further than that. Having said this I would like to add a personal note. I think that Italians should invest more starting from the younger generations and in the public and private sector. English as a Native Language (ENL) is found in territories where English is the mother tongue such as in England, the USA and Australia. In other territories, we can find that even if the English language is not spoken by all the population, it is a second language, English as a Second Language (ESL). It usually has an official role and is used for academic and administrative purposes this can be seen for example in India, Nigeria and Malta. There are other countries where the English language is the foreign language, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) such as Italy where English is recognised as an international language especially when it broadens the boundaries for future carriers. Obviously, a correct English fluency will be found in countries where English is a Native Language, while in countries where English is a second language or a foreign language one will find speakers who are very fluent while others that aren't so fluent. The English language is the language of international commerce, medicine and science. The best courses are in English, so who speaks English is in a better position to obtain a better education and better degrees. A lot of multinational companies require a certain level of English before recruiting, and therefore more people are studying the language in order to have a better opportunity. The latest scientific discoveries are found on medical or scientific magazines or reports which are all written in English. This does not mean that all the doctors or scientists are English, but all the professionals should be able to read and understand it. The academic world opens many opportunities. Obviously, if the best course in the students' profession can be found in an English speaking country, it would give the students the opportunity to study with the best people in the profession. A good level of English means that you don't need to rely on online translators and that you can work quicker and more accurately when using English information. If you are able to speak English you will be able to communicate with clients and suppliers worldwide.