Teach English in Huangnan-zangzu-zizhizhou

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Teach English in Heri Zhen, Huangnan Zangzu Zizhizhou
It is important to establish rapport with students within a classroom for a variety of reasons, it builds trust between students and teacher, insights confidence in students and allows for a fun learning environment
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Teach English in Kangyang Zhen, Huangnan Zangzu Zizhizhou
Seating arrangement in the classroom One of the most important factors to consider prior to the start of each lesson , is how to layout the classroom , in a way to ensure ALL students are in a position to fully engage with the activities being taught There are numerous key factors to consider , depending on the day's activities , and I will cover each point in turn , detailing the pros and cons for each Along with the desk layout for the students , the teachers position is vital , and again this will be covered in my explanations 1/ Space Every classroom will vary in size
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