Teach English in Longsangsi Zhen - Jinan Shi

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I love the concepts of learning and teaching.  I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment and happiness whenever I learn something new.  When I can teach someone else what I have learned, I am even more elated. Throughout this course I have learned various fundamental subjects related to grammar and how to teach it in the classroom.  Of the fundamental topics covered: use of grammar, tense structures, class management, phonology, techniques, and countless other aspects of teaching - each of the topics  were presented  in a way that helped refresh my memory of subjects I previously learned as well as regain comfort with the material.  Many of the units covered will help guide my teaching performance in the classroom .   I especially enjoyed Unit 7,   “Teaching New Language”, which covered vocabulary, grammar, and functions.  This unit influenced me the most when I think about how I want to teach and effectively communicate with my students in the near future. I believe that when an individual is presented with educational material in an exciting and stimulating way, he or she is more eager to learn.  When I consider the ways in which I want to teach and communicate with my students in the near future, I know that I want to make learning fun and attractive.  The many advances with modern technology can be very helpful in making teaching engaging, intuitive and retainable. In the classroom, technology can encompass all kinds of tools from low-tech pencil, paper, and chalkboard, to the use of presentation software, or high-tech tablets, online collaboration and conferencing tools, and more.  The incorporation of technology allows for a widened availability of resources.  Various materials and teaching supplements can be retrieved from the internet allowing for teachers to be able to reach students at varying learning styles, paces and levels.  With this increase in resources, teachers are able to allocate more time to working with students on lessons as opposed to the tedious actions involved in creating worksheets and activities. Additionally, as the influence of technology increases, studies are showing that students are more engaged in their lessons and more interested in the material presented.  Although there are countless advantages of the incorporation of new technology in classrooms, just like anything else there are also disadvantages.  With the wide range of capabilities of these new technologic devices and resources, it can be viewed as quite tedious for the adoption of a new teaching and learning style to be established and implemented.  However, the advantages of the evolution and implementation of technology significantly exceeds the disadvantages, by far. By taking and completing this certification process, I have gained self-confidence and a positive energy that I will take with me to every classroom that I step foot in. I am also confident that technological resources will be a great aid to my teaching endeavors.  I am excited about the endless technological resources, the limitless opportunities to help students learn, and am looking forward to new experiences teaching and learning in countries outside of America.  I am also looking forward to future changes in technology.