Teach English in Jiafeng Zhen - Jincheng Shi

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English has become the most widely spoken language in the world, nearly 400 million native speakers and more than that of second language speakers exist on earth. It is almost the common language of the world, even of two non-native speakers of English can communicate in English. There are many reasons within its spread, mainly evolving from the Industrial age and colonialism and afterwards the change in the production and trade. Today, in our global world, trades and investments crossed the borders. Multinational companies invest all around the world, and whether being an English speaking investor company or not, relating it to the simplicity of English in learning according to other languages play an important role in its usage internationally. Students are aware of the opportunities that they will get to when they speak English during their job applications and future careers, it will definitely open more doors to them and enlarge their choices in their job applications. English has become an international business language, whatever your career or field is, whether you are a lawyer, businessman or a doctor to ensure efficiency in your business transactions and information exchange or for following the improvements in the science field, it is needed. If you are a businessman or businesswoman and want your business to enlarge globally you need to communicate with other business people through emails and contracts, you need to be able to understand reading the contracts. Multinational companies need effective legal assistance in their host countries where they face legal and cultural differences. They face many problems during establishing business and to continue production and employment system. A common language with lawyers is inevitable. International companies are always seeking for fluent English speaking candidates. The cultural differences are solved by good communication, speaking fluent English will add value to your political or business relations in this thread. The common language will make people come closer and understand each other, it will solve the problems arising by cultural differences. In their future career, students will be able to connect with their colleagues. Job opportunities for speakers of only native language are may be more limited. If you can speak English you may seek job outside of your home country, and if job prospects are limited in your country, it is a door to apply for different worlds. It is not a surprise that a second language will help students to deal with tasks and making better decisions in their working life in the future because speaking English as a second language will make them feel comfortable and improve their self esteem. Speaking a second or third language is something prestigious, no doubt. We should not also ignore the money for sure. Employees with a second or third language will earn more money at their jobs. Companies may offer more salary to their English or other foreign language speakers, if it is a self employment business you will have the opportunity of enlarging your international transactions and earn more. Communicating the world while sitting at your home is how this internet era gave us as a great opportunity. It is not a dream to make business online or to reach the information by just a click away. And in this thread, you don't even need to live temporary to visit a school or course in an English speaking country, online teaching and learning are great opportunities to be used wherever you live on earth.