Teach English in Lijiang-shi

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Teach English in Baisha Zhen, Lijiang Shi
I learn about various methods of maintaining student discipline, such as being well prepared, punctual, always on time, being consistent and fair, as in saying what you will do, such as punishments
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Teach English in Chenghai Zhen, Lijiang Shi
One of the tips for avoiding unnecesary TTT (teacher talking time) was to use gestures, mimes, or pictures; along with that, only use language that is at or below the level being taught
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Teach English in Daxing Zhen, Lijiang Shi
This unit was insightful for how to effectively manage classrooms of students who are old enough to be self-aware and who already have exposure to group learning settings, such as school
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Teach English in Jin'an Zhen, Lijiang Shi
This unit contains extremely useful information about managing class,establishing a good rapport with the students and depending on the class, how to seat them
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Teach English in Mingyin Zhen, Lijiang Shi
This unit covers class management and looks in depth at the teacher's physical and verbal presence through describing useful tips in eye contact, gesture, voice, talk time and writing on the board
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Teach English in Xingquan Zhen, Lijiang Shi
This unit provides many useful suggestions for teaching in the classroom, such as arranging classroom, grouping students, giving instructions, building rapports and maintaining discipline
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