Teach English in Banquan Zhen - Linyi Shi

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Teachers of English have a responsibility to their students to try and make the topic more interesting. Student's will have a hard time retaining information if they are too bored and find nothing fun or interesting about it. That's why the style of teaching used is so important. Students can be at different levels of learning. The style the teacher uses can help reach different levels of learners, if done correctly. Making sure the student has as much exposure to the language as possible is important for them to learn. Be sure the students are using the language in the classroom and not just listening to the teacher talk. Teachers need to have the students speaking more than the them. The students using the language themselves is the best way to retain it. If the classroom is high stress, the students will tend to have a difficult time learning and comprehending. Teacher's need to relax and keep the classroom low stress. This style of teaching will make a good learning environment for the students. Engaging the students to get them involved in the lesson is important. Elicitation by asking the students thought-producing questions or showing them real objects, pictures, gap-fill's, or just asking the students to help you make a list of what ever you are describing. Also, using mime "what am I doing? these are all a good way to start a lesson. This will get the students talking, therefore decreasing the teacher talk time. Remaining positive during elicitation is important. If they are not giving you the right answer you are looking for, it is best not to say "no" or "that's wrong " and so on. It is better to use terms like "your close" or "almost". This style helps keep enthusiasm and participation up. Teacher correction should be a last resort. Praising a student is even more important than correcting. The student needs to be praised for trying, even if they don't get it quite right. This keeps up the moral in the classroom. Teachers need to be aware of students that may be having a difficult time keeping up with their peers. Giving them extra homework or partnering them up with one of the students that excels in the language is a good way to encourage them to keep going. Students need to be encouraged to use all the language they know and to use it as communicatively as possible. Communication games, role play, debates, story writing, ect.. are good ways to get them talking. Students should be using the language freely to put focus on fluency. Encourage them to speak in full sentences and use choral drilling if needed. One of the most effective styles of teaching a new language that I have learnt is ESA. Engage, study, and activate. Each of these stages must be used for a successful learning lesson. This style is good for new teachers and focuses on encouraging less teacher talk time and more student talk time. I think this is the best way to learn a new language