Teach English in Liguan Zhen - Linyi Shi

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The demand for English language is increasing daily in every part of the globe and its importance is been recognized by non-English speakers hence the demand. People enroll to learn English for a number of reasons including basic communications, tourism/travel, business and even educational purposes. Some learners have no prior exposure to the language especially those whose first language isn’t English.A teacher will need certain aid and equipment to properly manage the classroom and carry every student along.for example a beginner class of Chinese students who can’t tell what a cup is in English language, a teacher can bring a picture of a cup, write the name on the board and show the students.the teacher will then drill the pronunciation repeatedly and have every one pronounce it accurately while still holding and showing the picture. In that example the teacher used the board and a visual aid to help student not only know the name of the object but also to spell and properly pronounce. In modern day the use of online resources, computers, overhead projectors and interactive whiteboards are quite common and flexible but like everything else possesses its pros and cons. The conventional black or whiteboard is still very much in use and serves as a means of visually representing spoken lesson for the class to see and other range of activities including sketching, drawing, projecting overhead transparencies and sticking things on. One major advantage it has is its ability to effectively hold the attention of students. All teaching aids and equipment mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is left for the teacher or school to decide which best suits the needs of English learners. Other teaching equipments or aids includes visual aid which is effective for beginners, video cameras, CD/DVDs, course book, dictionaries, worksheets e.t.c. It is important that teachers of English language know which aid or equipment to use in every stage of the ESA lesson and how to effectively use as they all have their does and don’ts The use of teaching aids and equipment is important because it helps reduce teacher talk time and increase student talk time, it also gives learners the opportunity to actively participate in stages of the ESA lesson either in group or individually. Without teaching aids a teacher will typically come into a classroom and talk all through the lesson which learners will find find boring, become uninterested or distracted and loose focus learning almost nothing and teachers will become exhausted from teaching and impact little or no knowledge so we can safely say it is important to both learners and teachers. As much as teachers are trying to get students to pay attention to lessons and communicate more, a particular teaching aid should not be overused as it will loose its impact and effectiveness in classrooms. In summary, teaching aids are an important aspect of the ESA methodology as it helps provide both teachers and students with what the want.it should be chosen carefully to meet the receptive or productive needs of English learners and should not be overused to maintain its impact and effectiveness.