Teach English in Lishui-shi

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Teach English in Beijie Zhen, Lishui Shi
Unit 7 touched upon the importance of teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions, and that when a student is learning a new language it is important that they be exposed to it, understand the meaning, understand how it is constructed, and be able to practice and produce it
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Teach English in BihuZhen, Lishui Shi
Teaching or introducing new grammar, language structures or new vocabulary can be a daunting tasks for a new class to be taught by a new teacher
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Teach English in Chuanliao Zhen, Lishui Shi
This unit contains information about the ways of teaching new language, and it is divided into 3 blocks - teaching vocabulary, teaching grammar and teaching language functions
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Teach English in Dadongba Zhen, Lishui Shi
In this unit I have learnt about teaching vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions and which techniques to use in different stages (engage, study, activate)
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