Teach English in Pu-er-shi

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Teach English in anban Zhen, Pu'er Shi
I learned about establishing rapport, classroom arrangement, the correct ways of giving instruction and maintaining discipline in a classroom
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Teach English in Baliu Zhen, Pu'er Shi
I learnt a lot more about how classroom arrangements can have such a large impact (in varying ways given the various arrangements that exist) depending on how you'd like a lesson to develop
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Teach English in Baozang Zhen, Pu'er Shi
I have learnt that in order to be effective in a classroom, the teacher has to be proactive, intentional in getting to know the students and be sensitive to their needs and learning styles
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Teach English in Fengshan Zhen, Pu'er Shi
Unit 6: Just like the present tense unit, this one was also quite confusing, I had to study it over and over to make sure I understood how to use the verbs properly
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