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Teach English in Baibu Zhen, Qingdao Shi
Imagine walking inside of classroom for your first term of a new class and with little means of communication the teacher who will be responsible for the class points to the board filled with instructions you barely understand
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Teach English in Cuijiaji Zhen, Qingdao Shi
Within this article I will discuss a foreign language learning experience, the learning situation and personal feelings towards the methodologies used during the time and compare these to the method used during that period and those that are used today
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Teach English in Datian Zhen, Qingdao Shi
This essay suggests that the mentoring process can be used in the classroom as a tool for building self-confidence in the students and therefore improving their learning
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Teach English in Daxin Zhen, Qingdao Shi
For every person in the world, learning our first language (or native language) is a mechanical process that our brain makes by itself without the effort and the knowledge of the situation
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Teach English in Dianji Zhen, Qingdao Shi
The teacher being the tool for teaching the students, there are three main activities that small group teachers have to manage simultaneously, that are, managing the group, managing activities and managing the learning
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Teach English in Dianzi Zhen, Qingdao Shi
Teachers are only humans and, thinking back on my own student years, there were those who were more interesting, friendly, competent or happy than others
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Teach English in Duanbolan Zhen, Qingdao Shi
In the past couple of years or so, one musical artist has managed to win not only the hearts of audiences around the world but also the respect and friendship of fellow colleagues in the recording and entertainment industry
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Teach English in Ducun Zhen, Qingdao Shi
What is the most effective teaching style? When a teacher wants to teach students, he or she adapt a specific teaching style that gives an idea or describe his or personality and also depending on the student’s need
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