Teach English in Jiangga Zhen - Rikaze Shi — Shigatse, Xigaze

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Thinking back to the few of my language classes, I see the multiple stages that my teachers used in our lessons. I always enjoyed knowing that there was going to be something new or different while still having some routine. For example, we would always have a video, article, music or picture to looks at when we walked into the class which told us something about culture or often it was something fun. We usually did a greeting, looked at the layout for class, had a lesson and then practiced with a partner! The engage and study phases were always extremely prominent. I often struggled with the activate phase, but my professor would usually check-in with each group and helped us to get started and continue the activity. I like the ESA style as a student as I now know that my teachers often used the ESA layout. Some of the additional study and activate phase ideas such as hangman, word search, role play and story building sounds like a fun challenge.