Teach English in Jiangzi Zhen - Rikaze Shi — Shigatse, Xigaze

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This unit was helpful in understanding the timeline and make-up of a lesson. Many of the language theories will depend on the learning style of each student. I am an auditory learner, I find communicative language teaching and audio-linguism the most helpful approach. Lessons should include diverse teaching styles from each one of these theories to encourage comprehension depending on different learning styles. The teacher must be responsible for creating a low-stress environment which encourages language exposure and independent study. The ESA format for classes will depend on the level of the students. Straight arrow is helpful for elementary and beginner levels, while the patchwork format provides more flexibility, and is best fit for intermediate and above classes. While corrections are helpful, they should only be made during the study phase of ESA. Praise is also very important for the language-learning process. The structure of lessons following the ESA format will benefit the students and the teacher by providing the proper format for the lesson while integrating and balancing new topics into the language study.