Teach English in Kaga Zhen - Rikaze Shi — Shigatse, Xigaze

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This unit shows each method in a particular way of how to teach, approach and demonstrate in class. Either methodology focusing on student centered or teacher centered is not a good balance of teaching students in class. Therefore, it would be very important for teacher to choose the right methodology for the lesson depending on different level of students. Each method has its own benefits. Elicitation technique impressed me the most because it gives more opportunity for students to participate in class. A teacher might be able to use the combination of two techniques to gain students attention in order to make progress productive in class. As an international student, all of these methodologies reminds me that how I learned English in my ESL (English as a Second Language) class when I was in college. All and all, this is a very useful and helpful unit. In this unit material includes all the methodologies, detailing games, general guidance of lesson planning,etc. These materials are good for my future use in English teaching.