Teach English in Pali Zhen - Rikaze Shi — Shigatse, Xigaze

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This unit is exposing me to a variety of established theories and teaching techniques that I’m excited to further explore in my training! The ones that catch my attention most are audio-lingualism, that uses a behaviorist approach to language that conditions a student’s mind and ear to verbal cues and context in order to develop appropriate responses. Audio-lingualism (AL), combined with Communicative Language Learning (CLL), is a natural motivation and confidence builder for language learners since the joy of communication takes place during the lesson, and lessons can be consistent in structure but varied in responses. It seems that Suggestopedia already implicates a combination of AL and CLL, yet has as a core feature a class beginning with previously learned content, a middle section of introducing new language words, phrases, and ideas, and then closes with a relaxing song focused on tuning in the ear to the teacher’s accent. This last method seems to elicit speech from the student as well as maximze the potential of exposing a foreign student to a native teacher.