Teach English in Shangluo-shi

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Teach English in Banqiao Zhen, Shangluo Shi
Outline: Introduction----Distinction between Evaluation and Testing ----Purpose of Evaluation and Testing ----Importance of Instructions in Evaluation and Testing ----Types of Tests ----Conclusion Keywords: Evaluation, Testing, Important and English language Evaluation and Testing are generally considered as a “Necessary Evil”
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Teach English in Banyan Zhen, Shangluo Shi
With the development of science and technology, the integration of global information and economy, and the multi-cultural global village, English learning has become a fashion in China and a necessary skill for modern talents
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Teach English in Chaiping Zhen, Shangluo Shi
There are a number of different languages in the world and according to statistics, there are approximately six thousand languages alive on earth and out of this six thousand languages only less than ten dominant
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Teach English in Dajing Zhen, Shangluo Shi
“Some theorists suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson” (ITTT TEFL 009 Lesson Planning, pg 1)
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Teach English in Fenghuang Zhen, Shangluo Shi
Second language acquisition in native English speakers from the United States is one aspect of American culture that is not widely discussed and seemingly overlooked in terms of its importance
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