Teach English in Tiechang Zhen - Shangluo Shi

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My name is Takudzwa Nyambishi.I am a Zimbabwean and I have been teaching English in my country for almost three years now. In Zimbabwe English is one of our main languages and on average almost everyone is able to speak the language. This means when teaching it to young learners it is not too difficult for them to grasp it as they are exposed to it in their everyday lives so they can learn and retain it faster than other countries where English is not commonly spoken. Recently I have been alerted by a friend about teaching opportunities abroad and specifically China. I decided to give it a go and try out something new. Initially I thought that since I have some teaching experience that is all I need and I will apply and be on my way. After I applied I was given a provisional place on condition that I do a TEFL Course. At first, I did not understand why I had to do it since I could teach already but after I enrolled for the course I began to see why. This brings us to the topic of this essay 'Why Complete a TEFL Course’ I have realized that teaching English a country that commonly speaks it is much easier and straight forward than teaching English in a foreign country like china for example that does not speak much English. As the teacher you will need to use different techniques so as to get the most out of your students because most times your classroom is their only source of the language. Doing the TEFL Course will give you these skills and will guide you on how you should approach each lesson as well as what methods to use. I found this very interesting and eye opening. I had never thought of it this way and I feel that I am now better prepared for teaching abroad. Apart from this doing the TEFL Course will give you a higher chance of getting accepted for a job and will also bump up your salary competed to someone else who does not have this certification. Most schools will only hire teachers with a TEFL certificate so it is very beneficial to do this course. Another advantage of having this is that it will increase your confidence as a teacher. By using all the things, you will have learnt you will become a better teacher as well as give you more confidence in your abilities to teach effectively. This will translate to your lessons and you will see a marked improvement in your students’ grades. Another consideration is that having grown up speaking a language fluently doesn’t mean you know the first thing about how to teach it. As a qualified English teacher, you can never be too prepared to answer grammar or vocabulary questions. Even though you already know how to speak English perfectly, you will have to learn how to break it all down and approach the language from a non-native English speaker’s perspective. The core benefits of having a TEFL certificate are the hours spent learning to teach the language. Another great advantage of taking a TEFL course is that it will open up many different opportunities for you in many different countries. This is because once you complete this course you will be certified to teach in any non-native speaking country so you can have a pick of many different destinations.