Teach English in Maojiazao Zhen - Shuozhou Shi

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Have you been doing SNS? Or have you tried video calling your friends? If you have done it, then it must be fun. There are many things that you can do with the internet these days. You can search for some things you don't understand and ask Google what it is. You can upload pictures and videos online so other people can see it. You can communicate with people from all over the world using it. However, have you tried using it to gain knowledge of what you wish to do? These days, a lot of people are trying to study English. These people know that English is one of the most used language internationally. They wanted to use English to communicate with other people. Why? Maybe, they wanted to make business with them, know about their lives, culture and ideas or wanted to make friends. Children are supposed to be studying and learning things from school. There are many young learners who prefer to use the internet to learn new things and gather information. They are, most of the time, using the internet for their homework. Internet must be really helpful, however, it is not recommended to make students rely on it. Children may be really aggressive when they don't get what they want. So they must learn to use the internet wisely. Teaching English to children might be a challenge for some, but this is somehow fun. You can see the student's smile when they learn a language. They are usually tired but they are motivated because they really want to learn. To teach English to children, you must be very energetic. Kids are known to be enthusiastic with everything because they are young and active. They can acquire knowledge easily, too. They easily learn when they are happy. You must have the same level of energy like them. You have to show that you have more energy than them. In teaching English to children online, you have to be enthusiastic, too. You can't show to students that you are tired and not motivated. You have to make the students feel that you are ready and completely charged so you can have the lesson. Smile all the time and if time permits, play with them. They will be happy if you can make them feel relaxed. When you start teaching English to children online, you have to speak slowly. Children are young and might be using their native language. They might not understand you. However, you must be very careful not to pressure your students. Teach them word by word and say it slowly so they can follow. Don't forget to compliment them even they are able to say one word. Say that happily and enthusiastically so they can feel good. You can also show some gestures, pictures and rewards. Some online teachers give pictures of ice cream, chocolates, stars, gifts and more. These are really helpful. Students may learn one word at a time. They can learn new words every day when they enjoyed the class. Always try to make the lesson lively. This may be the teacher's chance to make a regular student. The lesson for children vary according to their levels. There zero English students who study the basic of speaking English. They may start with basic English words like apple, ball, cat, dog etc.. Vocabulary is easy to teach but not with zero English kids. They may feel bad for not following the teacher well so be patient and give them time to absorb the words. Speak slowly. Help them say one word repetitively, but you still have to look motivated. The students may want to learn it but it was very hard for them so you must understand. When the students are progressing well, you just have to give your greatest compliment. Don't talk too much because they may fell pressured again. Reviewing what they learn is good but don't try to say too much new words. Try to limit your words with what you learn in the lesson. Again, compliment the students for accomplishing the task and learning new English words. Having the students learn is the most fulfilling but making you students return to study with you is more satisfying. They will always remember you for being the most patient teacher and that is more rewarding than anything else. Teaching English online is really fun. You will be able to know new students, learn their culture and interests, and see their progress. For teachers, that's enough.