Teach English in Suining-shi

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Teach English in Caobei Zhen, Suining Shi
It's funny - before reading this unit, I never realized I didn't know the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs, or that "he" and "she" are examples of personal pronouns
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Teach English in Dashi Zhen, Suining Shi
This unit covers the foundation of creating a sentence that covers the basic noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb as well as go further in to detail of the types of each
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Teach English in DayuZhen, Suining Shi
Unit two is comprised of the parts of speech used in English grammar, from pronouns to prepositions, I have gained a better understanding of the inner-workings of the English sentence structure and the reasons behind each grammar point and part of speech
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Teach English in Dongchan Zhen, Suining Shi
Unit 2 introduces parts of speech ( definite article, adjective, noun, verb, preposition, indefinite article, adverb, gerund and pronoun)and teaches to recognize them in the sentence
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