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Teach English in DayuZhen, Taiyuan Shi
A good teacher manages a class a good teacher has good discipline in a class, Having a good management in a classroom is not only good for a teacher,but also for his students because it improves his management skills and keeps a class disciplined
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Teach English in DongyuZhen, Taiyuan Shi
motivation refers to a psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction。Motivation in a classroom helps students to boost their learning process while having fun too。It entails orientating,prompting and bringing out someones inner self towards achieving a given goal。Being a teacher, using motivation in the classroom has a role to play on my personality 。 As a teacher the learners look up to you as a guardian ,a good leader,a role model and a source of inspiration to them。It is also good to listen to each and every student with keen interest,making sure to understand them and given them the appropriate attention they deserve。Especially as some learners are a more brilliant than others。Discipline is necessary in every class。But as a teacher i have to maintain discipline with passion and compassion。It will help encourage the learners ,while ensuring a noise free class and hence boosting their self esteem and confident in the learning process in a classroom。 Moreover, motivating a classroom is not really an easy task。For a better classroom motivation,we need to take a few ideas into consideration。One of which includes;knowing the ”likes and dislikes“of the learners。This helps me as a teacher to better manage the class as well as using it, in facilitating the teaching and learning process。I also need to ”build a rapport withing the students“。it is generally believed that students who have had a strong relationship with the teacher,are more engaged in the learning process than students who have not。In addition,as teacher,i have to ”know the age groups of the learners, as well as their level of understanding of the language”。This is because in learning a new language ,some will be beginners and some semi beginners。 Classroom motivation,can be done in so many forms, depending on the teacher and the learners response。 However,some basic ideas to be consider include; Being open to the learners about myself。Telling them about my likes and dislikes。This will help make them understand that their teacher is just like them too having likes and dislikes。 The manner in which you deliver a lesson also act as an encouragement to learners。Therefore as a teacher, i have to prepare a lesson that will engage the student。Making sure the lesson is not boring to the learners, and bringing some aspect of humor and fun while making sure learners take turns in participating。This can be done using digital devices,songs,games and even role plays。 As a teacher, i also need to create a positive environment for learners。Creating a positive environment includes keeping a low tone,not been harsh on the learners。Been soft and gentle on my manner of presentation and coordination,keeping it simple and always having a smiling face as well as bringing in some humor into the class。 As a way of motivation, its good to give learners the option to chose。In the learning process,some students are fast and smarter than others。Therefore its good to pair weaker students with stronger to maintain balance in learning。The stronger learners will help the weaker once bring them up to speed。It is also good to let student participate in a manner that is natural to them while taking note of their minor errors, which as a teacher, i will later provide correction to them。 Another way of motivating learners is through rewards。Student turn to be motivated when rewarded even if they are wrong。I will have to encourage them know they are doing great and could do better with a little effort。This can be done using compliments,praises,stickers,games or even gifts。This also goes along way to promote learning and understanding withing the learners。 Additionally,it is good to build a good relationship with the learners。making them know you are and will be always available to support and provide answers to their worries。Entering each class with a smiling face makes learners safe and encourage to learn。It is also good to promote mastery goal over performance goal。 Motivation in the classroom can be influenced by two main reasons ;intrinsic and extrinsic。Intrinsic motivation is the motivation which comes from the inner mine of the learner(his or her personal zeal)。This may be because the student learns for a purpose,the student enjoys the way the teacher delivers the lesson or other individual reasons。 Extrinsic motivation on the other hand,is motivation influenced by external factors。The external factor could be a help from friend,group or classmates or to achieve reward from a teacher or family members。However,a disadvantage associated with this form of motivation is that,the student is centered on winning a reward rather than on the content of the lesson。Additionally,using competitions in a classroom, motivates students。 However,the end result of competition makes some students emerge as winners and some as losers。Those who emerged as losers become demoralized and make them feel bad。It is therefore good to encourage them and threat them right to keep their learning spirits high even after losing。However,the main reason for motivation in a classroom is to enhance learning and understanding as well as facilitating communication between teacher and learners and direct behavior towards a particular goal。 conclusively,motivation in the classroom helps encourages students choice,increase their personal efforts and gives them the zeal to learn。Some learners always like to follow in the foot step of their teachers。Therefore as a teacher,it is good to be a role model, a good example in action ,behavior and gestures。It is also good to be a prompter。It will help bring out the best in them。Students motivations are also influenced differently with respect to interest and activities。Classroom motivation drives many behavior and plays a great role in learning。It also involves goals and needs a lot of activities as it helps students demonstrate and improve their competences thereby enhancing understanding。It also helps retain information taught and can be easily remembered。Also using motivation in the classroom makes the class not only lively,but also leaving the learners wishing for more thereby making each class worth paying attention to the teacher。
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Teach English in Minying Qu, Taiyuan Shi
Whether you’re teaching young learners or adults, being a good teacher makes the classroom dynamic equally fun and inviting as well as structured and motivating
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