Teach English in Jinsheng Zhen - Taiyuan Shi

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Regardless of occupation, every industry uses teaching or instruction in one form or another. In proper teaching skills require a level of communication, management, assessment, and development. These are important skills to apply to any occupation, but most importantly they are necessary for any aspiring teachers. These skills will make teaching much more effective and rewarding. One of the key factors in teaching skill is communication. Having good communication with students will create an environment where they can feel at ease and expand their confidence. Due to their being a proper clarity and being on the same page of what objective of the lesson is, a student will have a better time understanding and engaging in a lesson rather than being lost trying to follow along because of lack of communication. Another important teaching skill is management. Although at times this might not be something that can be too obvious to students, teachers need to also create an environment in which they can properly manage how the classroom is running. Whether it is time management of how long activities can take or if it is taking proper action when discipline may be needed, teachers need to be on top of what they can do to keep their classroom functioning as smoothly as possible. Prepping before class and making enhancements as they learning along with the class on what works and what does not can help better improve how they can manage their class. A well-rounded assessment is another important teaching skill to have. Assessment of learning and teaching are both needed to improve the growth of students and teachers. While with the proper assessment we can evaluate our students’ strengths and weakness, an educator must also be willing to self-assess. This ties in well with management. There are times in which teachers need to re-evaluate what is working and what is not. One thing to recognize is that not every lesson will be perfect, especially as new teachers, there will be some degree of trial and error. As new educators, we can not let that discourage us, ultimately we want to learn as well what we can do to better serve our students. Finally, development is another teaching skill that is crucial to understand and apply. As our students develop in our classrooms, educators must also develop as teachers. A teacher must apply a great level of passion and interest in what they are teaching. It is a career that is constantly growing and changing and we must be willing to put in the work to really make a difference in our students learning. We cannot stay behind and must be willing to grow, improve, and adapt. Teaching is a rewarding job within itself. It allows us to push boundaries and inspire others. It is most definitely not an easy profession. There are many challenges we will face but by applying a great level of communication, management, assessment, and development, we can make great strides in our career as educators.