Teach English in Nitun Zhen - Taiyuan Shi

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Over the entire TEFL program we learn a lot about English, about teaching, and about people. In some ways we learn about ourselves and what things we know and need to learn and what things we ought to be focusing on learning. That is not why we are taking a TEFL course though, we are taking the course because we want to teach others English. Because English is a skill that is Immensely valuable for young learning and old alike in the international stage, because a student who learns English in non-English speaking counties is better equipped to excel in their future careers, and it improves their ability to learn other subjects. When we teach English, we do it with purpose. In chapter 19 specifically we talked and read about people who learned English as part of a job requirement and the idea that we would be teaching ‘business English’. Which I had at least partly interpreted as English with a purpose. Internationally English is considered by many as the language of business and people being able to speak English are incredibly valuable to a company. Entire positions and offices being offered and given and made for people who speak English or who translate things from or into English for them. For adult students English can be a way to increase their standing in their current job and grow from where they might be stuck or feel stuck. For students who are not in the midst of their career and are looking at starting their career with English as a language perhaps it is even more valuable as it allows them to seek jobs outside the country and start their careers with one of thousands of companies that are international and use English as a main language. For children in European countries it gives them the option of moving to the UK or America as well for work, their job market opens significantly. They also get the ability to go to colleges or universities overseas for an often-better education then they may receive in a local university. Foreign students have a high bar but also receive a lot of clout and status for going overseas even if not to Harvard or Oxford. Just the knowledge that they went and got an American education is worth a lot in many countries outside of Europe and America. English helps jump-start careers and can allow people too take control and broaden their horizons by visiting English speaking countries for education or even for vacation to visit. Lastly it can also improve a student’s ability to learn other languages and subjects. Learning a language is hard, and it requires a lot of discipline and the ability to think in different mindsets. It also carries a sense of learning as you fail and failing a lot along the way. Students who can get into that mindset will be able to walk into math and grammar and science classes with the same thought and be more willing and able to do things and try even if they fail at problems at first. They become more easily accepting of failure and advise from teachers and can in some cases learn more quickly and fully from failure and success patterns. Science classes are based on trial and error and hypothesis testing, Math is provable formulas and grammar is much like a puzzle where you put pieces in and find where some don’t fit. The ability and want to press these subjects and try things that can proof why a formula or hypothesis is correct or incorrect will heighten their learning of the subject. This can lead to a broad grade and learning ability increase even beyond just what they learn from learning English. In summary, learning English have an influence on student careers by can help older students in jobs work up their ladder and get better jobs, help students who do not have jobs yet and may be looking for a career or college degree by improving their hire-ability, and help student excel in all subjects of school which adds onto the second point. The goal of teachers is always to teach students something that will help them in their future, and English is something very significant to a child or adults’ career that can help them immensely. I am happy and proud to be working and learning myself so I can impact the lives of others and change them for the better.