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One morning when you wake up your wife greets you with “To sleep am good, morning good”. You feel confused and your children ask, “Prepared breakfast can him?”. Something is clearly odd, and you can´t understand what anyone is saying. The world you have woken up to is one without any grammatic rules. In this world everyone can speak as they wish and don´t have to think about using the right pronouns or conjugate the verb correctly. That would be a horrible world to live in and the confusion would be huge. All this could be prevented if grammar was practiced. In my essay I will discuss the importance of learning grammar. Grammar is rules on how to speak and write. In what order the words will come, how you conjugate verbs and adjectives etc. When learning a language some think of only learning a new vocabulary and they fear the grammar lessons. Grammar has a bad reputation of being hard and tricky to learn. It can be but it is an essential part of learning a new language. Imagine you have a huge vocabulary of a new language you are learning. You know all the words of the body, but you can´t ask it hurt when your friend walked into a door yesterday. Because you don´t know how to conjugate the verb to do and what should come first in a sentence, the subject or the object. It may even sound something like this “The door do when your head hurt hit?”. It is a sentence that makes no sense. Who hurt who and when did this happened? Knowing the grammatic rules will make you able to use your vocabulary in an understandable way and your knowledge of the vocabulary will come to use. You have moved to the US and have plans of a new life there. You have studied English and practiced the perfect American accent. You feel confident that no one will understand that you are a foreigner. But your accent is not that give you away, is that you say that you eated yesterday and fail to conjugate all irregular verbs correctly. People understand that you are a foreigner and that English is your second language. Even though you have mastered pronunciation, speaking grammatically wrong is the thing that will sound wrong in a native speaker´s ear. This will be exhausting for the native speakers to listen to and the probability that they will stop talking to you is high. When not know the grammar, you will close many doors to friendships and connections. Many are learning a new language to be able to get jobs that require it and sometimes the job will be abroad where the language is spoken. Not knowing the grammar of the language will make you an unattractive employee. You will sound unprofessional that don’t know the language and won´t be much of a help around the office. When embarking on the journey to learn a new language you will need a lot of qualities and tools. You can´t skip on of them and grammar is one of the tools you must use. Mixing grammar with learning a new vocabulary and a lot of patience everything will go smooth. You will be able to fulfill your dreams i.e. moving to a country where that language is spoken or getting a part of new culture. You will never regret learning grammar.