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As an English teacher that teach kids (Kindergartens and elementary school) games in the lesson are really effective and it helps the kids to study more easy and fast. My family regularly plays board games when we get together, I play games with my own children almost every day, and (not surprisingly) I have used a wide variety of games as instructional tools in my classroom. I have never had a student ask “Why are we playing games?” Instead, students usually ask, “Can we play this again soon?” Education cannot ignore the importance of games for physical fitness,Even simple breathing and correct Postural exercises of yoga, if properly taught in our schools can have a powerful effect on the general health and well-being of the young people. To maintain a reasonable good health of pupils, there is really no need for expensive gymnasia and sports equipment. Apart from building a healthy body, games are a very good means of recreation. The essence of recreation is that it should refresh both body and mind, and provide temporary escape from the everyday life. One of the chief aims of education is to build the moral character of individuals and to teach them to live in society in a spirit of co-operation and brotherhood. Sports are a great help towards this goal of moral development. Every game is played according to certain rules which are recognized by all. Any departure from these rules means foul play. The decision of the referee is final. so, games help to develop in players the habit of fair play, sportsmanship, honesty, team-spirit, punctuality, obedience and leadership. These qualities go a long Way in making individuals self-disciplined. Game-based learning has shifted focus from learning with lectures and written tasks to learning with games and it has become an indispensable part of modern education. To be a well-integrated member of contemporary society requires more than just the mastery of the basic skills of reading and writing. It allows learners to discover new methods of working towards achieving goals and objectives in an interactive manner. good educational games provide both a motivation to learn and a context in which that knowledge is recognized by the student to be useful. Here are a few reasons why a teacher should incorporate games into the classroom: •Engages the Students - Playing games is one of the easiest ways to engage our students. It is engaging because it involves them, capturing their attention and makes learning fun. There is an anticipation that comes when we play games and excitement of the unknown. It eliminates the monotony of the day-to-day experience in the classroom •Builds Community - Playing games is a great way to build community in your school. When students come to our school, they naturally form cliques in the student body. Games force them out of their “group” and requires them to work with other students. Sometimes they will be on the same teams as their friends, other times they won’t be. But whatever team they end up on, they must learn to work together if they want to win. And let’s face it – who doesn’t want to win. •Reinforces Learning - The whole purpose of the classroom is for the student to learn. It is really one of the best reasons we have to play games. Students learn through the process of playing a game. By putting our content into something fun, it creates a connection to the material, creating positive memories of the learning process. Because the fun and silly moments of the game stand out to them, students can recall those memories when it comes to taking a test, increasing their testing ability. •Makes us Better Educators - Anyone can stand in front of a class and read out of a book. Excellent educators will find a way to take the content in the book and bring it to life. It doesn’t matter what discipline you’re teaching, or what level of student you have, you can find a game that can be used to support what you do. Just about any game out there can be adapted to our content. adapting and creating games for the classroom is a good way for teachers to come up with new strategies and add more variety into their typical lesson plans. Classroom games come with risks, regardless whether we’re talking about students at elementary, middle, or high school. That’s why you need a discipline plan for every single game you introduce. Present the rules of the game before the challenge starts. Explain that you won’t tolerate chaos in the classroom and ask if everyone understood the guidelines. Then, maintain your authority throughout the game, and remind them that you’re still there when they get carried away with fun. Students can learn a great deal of skills through games, including creativity, teamwork, coordination in time and space, and good sportsmanship. The risks are worth taking! I asked several of students of mine why they liked to play games, and this is what they said to me: •It breaks up the monotony of book work. •Being interactive helps us retain the knowledge easier. •Builds relationships with other students. •Helps me remember. •Helps me understand the information from the book. •It’s fun! It brings us together, we have fun and learn stuff at the same time. •I like the silliness of it. We can be ourselves and have fun, and it helps us learn. •It’s fun and that puts us all in a good mood, and that makes the whole day good. To sum it up, no matter whether you love games or can’t stand them, there is value in adding them into the classroom!.