Teach English in Weihai-shi

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Teach English in Caomiaozi Zhen, Weihai Shi
Lots of research have been carried out to show the relationship between learner's attitudes toward the second or foreign language and success in the second language learning
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Teach English in Fengjia Zhen, Weihai Shi
Across the global, problems with English pronunciation for non-native English speakers stems primarily from imperfectly learning the sound system of English
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Teach English in Houjia Zhen, Weihai Shi
The topic on teaching English as a Foreign Language ranging from group teaching to one to one class facilitation has been an issue circulating among teachers of ESL for quite some time
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Teach English in Lidao Zhen, Weihai Shi
To create or not to create? That is the question! While sitting in class, staring out the window, wondering “what if…?” she suddenly heard the roll of dice
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