Teach English in Guapo Zhen - Weinan Shi

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Did you know that our world has about 6,500 languages? Sadly, only 20 percent of Americans speak a language other than English, English is known as an international language. In order to understand the world and communicate with the world, English is probably the most important means. Through English study, we can read, listen and write to more readers. It is not surprising that the bestseller in the modern world is written in English. First is Learning English is really important. In order to understand the world economy, English is essential. Because the latest materials are written in English and then translated it into another language later. so learning English can help you get information faster and keep up with the latest trends. Second is trip because when we are traveling around the world and we can learn more of the world through English. and enjoy more by using English with people who is different country. I like drama with English subtitles. Regardless of the genre, whether Korean dramas or English dramas, I see English subtitles attached to it because it makes it easier to read the world economy and make it an opportunity to stand on an international stage. I have been to Europe as a representative of my department at high school. At that time I could not speak English at all and my friend could speak English fluently. When purchasing tickets or asking for directions, friends who speak English easily became familiar to them and got information fast. The experience created an opportunity for me to start English. Many people have difficulty with English, and so do I. But what you get when you speak fluent English is worth learning English. English has become a prerequisite in many fields as well as travel, economy. So much of my hobby-enjoying activity gives me a chance to stand on the international stage. In conclusion, learning a language from another country is a very long and difficult process. However, if you are comfortable and free to use it, there are many advantages to know more information and fast latest trends. The benefits are not only for economic and cultural travel, but also for the satisfaction of myself. Nowadays, we can go all over the world through airplanes. Learning English at first is difficult, tiring and hard. But if we know why we have the power to sustain. After that, of course, the advantages that you can get in English can be a glimpse of an insightful and informative political culture to read the world economy. If I realized the importance of English a little earlier, I would have looked at the world at a different point of view. Many people do not know the importance of English yet, or even if they already start it, they easily giving up due to grammar structure or difficulty. However, it takes a long time to learn a language and it is difficult, but if you overcome it and start a different language or do anything else, the sense of accomplishment you have gained through the difficulties will certainly help you do other things as well. Being good at language is not evaluated simply by being good at the language of the country.