Teach English in Potou Zhen - Weinan Shi

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A teacher in a general context can be defined as someone who helps others to acquire knowledge and other competences and values. Today we can find lots of teachers in different disciplines of life be it in a classroom, or work place trying to impact on lives of others through the transfer of knowledge. However the main question as to who is a good teacher keeps coming up all the time. From a scholar’s perspective, a good teacher should be someone who is caring, loving, friendly and committed and above all a role model to whom one can always look up to. Furthermore, a good teacher must possess a good number of qualities amongst which could be cited a few like a teacher must be specialized in one field or the other, have good control of his or her classroom, and still be able to pass down the knowledge to his students in a best way possible which will encourage and motivate learners to want to learn more. We are going to focus on the importance of a teacher’s role in a classroom. In the light of this it’s always good to note that a teacher has lots of roles he or she plays in order to ensure a smooth pass down of knowledge. Amongst these roles are that of being a good manager which requires a teacher to be in control of a classroom to set rules and coordinate activities how ever there are certain limitations as to the control exerted by the teacher in the class room as its also requested of the teacher to sometimes let the kids handle the running of classroom activities by themselves but with a close supervision from the teacher. Adding to the afore mentioned a teacher has it as role not just to be a manager but also an organizer , one who will carefully organize students in pairs or groups taking into consideration their different levels of acquired skills in order to ensure that there is a balance in the class and all students are equally active during lessons. Furthermore the teacher has it as a role of being a motivator to students by always being available to help students whenever necessary in a best and most gentle way possible whilst still allowing the students maintain their own personal initiative but still directed on achieving the same objective. By this the teacher has to work sometimes with the students as an equal participant avoiding to dominate the activity itself. One cannot over emphasize on the role of a teacher because it’s glaring. Looking at how important a teacher’s role is in the classroom it is worth noting that each of the roles played by the teacher is very important in a student’s evolution as far as acquiring knowledge and skills are concerned thus looking at the importance of these roles , we can see that a teacher being a classroom manager and an organizer helps to maintain discipline, create a friendly and relaxed learning environment which helps the teacher to effectively engage the student to participate in classroom activities. This is very important because a teacher will find it very difficult to do his or her job perfectly in a disorganized classroom with no discipline. Secondly these roles are also very important as they minimize the use of time. Once the teacher sets the rules and routines governing his or her classrooms the students get to know how to manage their time and they also will be conscious of what to do and at what time to carry out activities thus this will save time for both the teacher and students once they know what to do and what time to do it in a long run like the old saying goes “teach a child how to live and he will not depart from it”. Thirdly we can say that a teacher’s role is very important as a motivator reasons being that when he or she creates a suitable learning relationship with his or her students, it encourages open communication and free thinking with the students. It makes the students feel positive because teachers who recognizes and praise efforts made by their students will always motivate the students to look up to the teacher and be willing to learn more if they feel their work is recognized and valued. Conclusively it is worth saying that the role of a teacher is paramount to the growth and development of any required skill of a student. However the importance of the role teachers play in the lives of the learners places them at the position of role models because students will always look up to a teacher as pace setters.