Teach English in Zhiyang Zhen - Weinan Shi

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In traditional teaching, teachers are not only the teachers of teaching content, the controller of the teaching process, the organizer of the teaching activities, the judges of the students’ academic achievements, but also the absolute authority. This kind of teaching style of laying too much stress on teaching by teachers instead of understanding and learning by students themselves overstretched the dominant position of teachers, ignoring the students as the center. The constructivism learning theory denies the central position of teachers in traditional teaching and advocates the development of students’ subjectivity. It points out emphatically that the student-centeredness is the core of the modern class teaching. The teacher in English teaching play the following roles in the classroom will improve teaching efficiency and improve teacher-student relationships. Firstly, the teacher in English teaching should be a controller. The teacher needs to not only control the time of the activity, but also to control the atmosphere of learning. For example, the teacher gives students 5 minutes to read a text, and when time is up, the teacher asks students to stop and answer some questions. Secondly, the teacher in English teaching should be the prompter. When students are not sure how to start an activity, or what to do next, or what to say next, the teacher should give appropriate prompts. For instance, when a student finishes with a very short answer, the teacher could elicit more by saying ‘and...?’ ‘anything else?’ The famous constructivist representative Glasersfeld believes that the teacher’s first task is to understand students’ construction and promote students’ own understanding by asking questions. He further believes that we should regard knowledge and ability as a product of individual construction of their own experiences. The role of the teacher in English teaching will no longer be to teach knowledge but rather to help and guide students in building their own experiences in specific fields. To be a good English teacher should be a good promoter by asking students questions. Thirdly, the teacher in English teaching should be the organizer. The most important and significant role that the teacher has to play is to be an organizer. This will involve giving instructions, organize students into groups, initiating activities, bringing activities to a close and organizing feedback. Besides, to be an organizer for the teacher is beneficial to organize students to engage in interesting activities based on the age characteristics of pupils and cultivate their interest in English. Fourthly, the teacher in English teaching should be the situation creator. Teaching should make learning happen in a situation similar to reality. It is very important to stimulate students’ interest in learning English. Therefore, in English teaching, the teacher can create some language scenarios, such as games, conversations, etc. to activate the atmosphere of the classroom and improve the teaching effect. Introducing these into the classroom and playing in groups, not only mobilizes the enthusiasm of the students, but also cultivates cooperative spirit of the students. The content of English teaching is close to the actual life of students, and it is appropriate for the activity-based teaching mode to create language situations and stimulate students’ interest. The English teacher should encourage students to actively participate in expressing themselves, exercise their ability to communicate in English, and cultivate good language learning habits. The English teacher should be the role of the situation creator to build situation using everyday example sentences, interesting situations and games, and lively drawings to make English-learning fun and exciting. In conclusion, the teacher in English teaching should play the role of the controller, the prompter, the organizer, and the situation creator.