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Teachers play a number of very important roles in the education process. Education forms a significant part of everyone’s lives as it can contribute directly towards future possibilities and the roles we can play in society. This essay will discuss three of the most important roles played by teachers. The first is the role is that of a facilitator of learning and education, the second role is that of the role model, and the final is the role of the mentor and motivator. The most widely acknowledged role played by the teacher is that of the educator - to teach knowledge, typically academic in nature. This includes literacy, numeracy, as well as other creative topics. Some teachers fulfill more specialized educator roles, as often, as our students develop, they require more detailed, in-depth learnings. Educators use a variety of techniques to teach students so that all learning styles are accommodated. Often, the more successful the teacher, the more the students will be able to put their education to practical use in the future. Whether education is received in a private or public school, or in preschool, elementary or high school, teachers give us tools which we can use to understand and learn very important things that we take with us throughout the rest of our lives. Teachers everyday present students with many different kinds of information. Behind this are different methods which teachers employ to make lessons more pleasant and memorable for their students. Educators often have to spend time preparing for their lessons to make them as strong as possible. It is necessary to reflect on the different backgrounds and skill sets of their students, as well as different learning styles so that all lessons can cater for the differing needs of every student. Teachers are also required to measure the performance of their students so that they can identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement. The role of the educator, therefore, is multi-faceted. A second important role played by teachers is that of a role model. In every educational institution, no matter the level, in addition to helping increase the knowledge of their students, teachers role model different kinds of behavior and thereby also help their students develop their character. Most people remember their first teacher and some of the things they learned from them. Teachers and educators have a huge impact on their students’ personalities and character, and in a similar way to our parents, they try to prepare students for adult life where many hard decisions need to be made. It is important for teachers to role model good behavior to their students - students learn much more from school than just academic knowledge. Instead, we learn how to interact with other people at school, how to see things from others’ perspectives, and a number of other social skills. It is very important for teachers to role model good behavior, and facilitate the learning of these important skills. The third role of the teacher is that of a mentor or motivator. As mentors, teachers encourage their students to love learning. As students grow up and continue through their education journey, they develop their interests and find new hobbies. Many decisions are informed by experiences at school - often when students particularly enjoy one subject area, they will try to explore this by themselves outside of school. Teachers, therefore, give their students the motivation to explore. At every level, teachers need to be positive and champion learning of all things. This is a hugely important role played by teachers, as it affects their students’ ability to solve problems themselves and their confidence to tackle new challenges and learn new skills. In conclusion, teachers play a number of very important roles in the life of their students. In addition to teaching academic knowledge, teachers role model certain behaviors, and act as mentors. These roles influence students from a young age and can bring many benefits in the future, helping students to become good people who are able to make the world a better place. Therefore while many people view teachers as mere educators, in fact, teachers play a number of other important roles in the education process.