Teach English in Gaozhuang Zhen - Xianyang Shi

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Teachers play a very important role in the life of students.They are role models. Children and students more often than not spend more time with their teachers than with parents .Therefore the rapport established between teacher and learner is imperatively important.Each teacher leaves a mark in a student’s life and it is important that that mark is a good one. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make the learning experience a positive one that would prepare students and enable them to pursue their careers in the future,achieving the needed qualifications by the end of the teaching learning period.The role of the teacher is primarily to create a safe learning environment taking into consideration the group she has in front of her.The students diverse abilities ,learning difficulties and different backgrounds have to be taken into account by the teacher.Another role is identifying the learning styles,needs knowledge and skills to be able to device lesson plans based on this knowledge and be able to select appropriate materials and teaching equipment .Monitoring and mentoring students is an important part of the teacher’s role as is good classroom management where effective methodologies are used and implemented to make learning a holistic experience. Also learning outcomes should be written on the board before the start or commencement of each lesson .The ability of using presentations and giving good and clear classroom instructions to help students learn and apply concepts such as math, English, and science falls also in the teacher’s role. Lesson preparation, grading papers,good management of the the classroom, meeting with parents, and working closely with school staff are also part of the many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make a good teacher. Teachers create lesson plans and teach those lessons to the entire class, individually or in small groups, track student progress and present the information to parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with school administration and prepare students for standardized tests. A teacher should assist , guide, help ,giving individual attention when it is required.Empowerment is the key to successful learning and the teacher has to keep in mind that this is the strongest skill that makes successful teaching and gives rewarding results. The teacher has to be creative and prepare her own material to either supplement books or replace parts that are missing.Her or his lesson plans and material, handouts along with delivery of such lessons should be sufficient to engage ,help students study and activate what has been just acquired. Consolidation and consistency are also needed to make teaching effective. A teacher should be aware of the student’s needs and have realistic aims ,adapt to suit situations,be as visual as possible ,pace lessons,and revise constantly. Homework is important for consolidation of learning not only for the benefit of students but also to be able to assess work and be able to make adaptations accordingly using different learning styles and teaching styles to accommodate the learning styles of the students. Finally the teacher has to be able to adapt curriculum to the needs of the students after analyzing the needs of the students in front of him or her according to the aims and objectives,evaluating their progress and guiding them to evaluate their own work.The profession of the teacher is a very challenging and honorable one but also very gratifying.