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New technology in the classroom Unit 9 explains how to work with "authentic material" in the classroom. "According to that unit, it establishes that the teacher must have a good criteria to select the new teaching material. New technology is part of that "authentic materials”, teacher can get excellent strategies to incorporate into the learning process, and it can easily adapts to the school culture. The main authentic materials of technology come from the Internet, Since the importance to investigate and evaluate the origin of the didactic material, which is relevant to the work plan. All teaching materials has to be carefully selected. The technology came to be with us and revolutionizing the world. Today it is part of the education and the didactic resources into any active classroom. The teacher who uses the technology must write a good lesson plan, which need to favors the formative process of learning. The selection of the educational strategy must achieve with the learning objectives by using technology. It is where we development the interact activities, to guide students to the process of autonomy and communication between them. As a example. Unit 6 ITTT used two videos, which were very useful to obtain a teaching comparison. It shows how the technology it is important. At this precise moment we both are using the technology,- by you evaluating my essay. Thanks to technology and Internet, I have taken this educational training. As time goes, the education will continue to change. Today we use in the classroom electronic board, computer, on line class etc. For that reason it is necessary that every teacher be prepared to teach using technology. The classes will be more effective. Students will show more interest, be more motivated and will be more interested in acquiring knowledge. The technology need to be in education be using strategic of teaching with applications solve, and learning problems in a pedagogical space. Information and knowledge have different educational contexts as it is represented, by accessed and modified. At he same time the technology requires to be in a curricular and be oriented to the integration to facilitates the learning process to transmit quality teaching. Pedagogy is a living science and it is an evolution in all senses. This generation where born in the middle of the evolution of technology. Our students posses essential skills, that allow them to understand and how to use and management the technology. Unit 8 “speaking and writing” shows us how students communicate to each other. They use the technology to communicate. Technology it is not a competence it is reality. Students need to be motivate to study , they know about technologies, such as smart phones, easily downloaded applications and 3D simulators, etc. There is no doubt, technology is the tool that every teacher must know and master in the classroom with this generation. As a teacher I dare to say that in the US 90% of students know the procedure and use of technology. Maybe they do not use it correctly, it's something else. It is where teachers must incorporate the didactic and digital resources to teach them. Teacher should convert the classroom into a virtual laboratories on-line.