Teach English in Qiaotou Zhen - Xinzhou Shi

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The successfulness of a class can be closely related to the rapport between the teacher and the students. Students are much more likely to actively participate in the lessons if they find the class environment relaxed and enjoyable. When the students get on well with their teacher, they are also more likely to work cooperatively in class and have higher motivation. If a good classroom rapport is established and the students are in good relationships with others, they will be willing to help one another which can enable the class to learn more effectively as a whole. Even though the class atmosphere can be highly dependent on the students, the teacher can stimulate and make positive influences by having the correct general attitude and suitable approach. Students work much better with people they know and like, therefore, there are many methods used to encourage the interaction among students. One of the most frequently used rapport establishing methods is to have students introduce themselves at the beginning of the first lesson. By knowing the names and some basic background information of their teacher and classmates, the students can start to build their relationship with the teacher and one another. For the first lesson of a new class, it is also recommended for the teach to organize an ice breaking activity. This will stimulate conversation and help them to get to know one another. Teachers are encouraged to include pair works and group works in the lesson to build rapport among the students. Further, by noting which students get along and which ones are in less friendly relationships, the teacher is able to adjust the seating arrangements which can help to avoid conflicts in class and enable to class to run more smoothly. The attitude and approach of the teacher are especially important in building a good classroom rapport. The teacher is able to create a relaxed and encouraging learning environment simply by presenting a positive attitude to the students. This can include inviting body language, encouraging expressions such as smiling and always being positive about challenges. The tone, pitch and volume used when speaking in class are also very relevant in this aspect. By speaking in a sincere and friendly tone, the teacher can build a positive rapport with the students. It is also very important to note that the teacher should adjust their way of speaking to create different class dynamics and meet the needs of different age groups. For example, when teaching a group of young children, more whispers, varied tones and exaggerated expressions can be used to create interest and maintain attention. An educator should always be careful of not to let a single person to dominate the class, this includes the educator himself/ herself. This will lead to imbalance in class participation opportunities and may make some students feel neglected, which can discourage the students to contribute in the class. In conclusion, having a good classroom rapport is unquestionably important as it can help students to learn the course more effectively. The classroom rapport is dependent on both the students and the teacher. By building friendly relationships with classmates, the student can participate in the class more actively and can help one another with their learning, which encourages more effective learning. On the other hand, the teacher’s role is to encourage and stimulate a good atmosphere by creating a positive learning environment.