Teach English in Sanjiao Zhen - Xinzhou Shi

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Please allow me, reader of the following two pages to share with you my very humble teaching experience. A bit of a background on me. I am an Arabic native speaker with a university degree in Physics and Mathematics. I had the chance to travel and work for an international school in the United Arab Emirates that uses English as the first language and Arabic as the second. My teaching experience goes back to the end of 2007. The school campus held over 2000 students of all ages from kindergarten to 12th grader. Our students had a multi-nationality background which created a beautiful diverse atmosphere. The staff was also from different backgrounds and that on its turn helped the students to have an open mindset to accepting others very well. As a team, we worked to enhance students' abilities to the maximum. I had to work full time of 40 hours of teaching and administrative tasks in a 6 days a week and all year round except for one-month summer vacation. During my working years, I dealt with all kinds of problems and difficulties but at the end of each year, I always reflected back at the good times and the bad ones and try to learn more about myself. I had the chance to know more about cultures, habits, sayings, and cooking recipes from many countries from all over the world. I recall talking to parents from Japan, China, India, Germany, Romania, UK, and the US among many other nationalities of Arabian origin. I can assure anyone that teaching in such an environment adds to your package. I had very much varying classes each year. I recall teaching a super talented 9th graders of which challenged me a lot. I had to keep the material up to this new standard! On the other hand, every year I would have a special class for much younger kids of which the challenge was on a completely different level. I must say that those special classes added a lot to my perspectives. I safely could say I am ever grateful to these kids who challenged me to know better about myself and try different things. The difficulties I faced on the learning phase made me dig deeper into my own understandings of the same matter and try to make it easier to the touch of the students' mindset. Finally; reading books in my junior years and then having a very talented teacher had got me into teaching. I wish to end my brief talk on a beautiful quote from Gandhi: " You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."* I believe in this kind of openness and that what we need in the future. Hope is a very important driving force that leads human beings toward better living conditions. We must demand an open mind attitude and continue to lift people's spirit. Diversity should be seen as a strength. Thank you. * https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/mahatma_gandhi_150710