Teach English in Yan-an-shi

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Teach English in anhe Zhen, Yan'an Shi
The classroom, a collective space for knowledge, interaction and exchange of information, is now in a good phase with the arrival of technological resources that go far beyond the computer lab or video room
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Teach English in Baimatan Zhen, Yan'an Shi
Being a student at the elementary or beginner level in any language, not just English, is not only a challenging task when beginning to learn the target language but also a clean slate to progress the learning in the correct way
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Teach English in Changcheng Zhen, Yan'an Shi
The course material in Unit 19 suggests that this is due to the fact that students feel that the course can be more specifically geared towards their own needs and wants than a group course could
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Teach English in Fucheng Zhen, Yan'an Shi
Turkey, being famous for its fast-growing economy, fulfilling the educational needs of most of the people around the globe has been my residence for the past three years
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Teach English in Ganguyi Zhen, Yan'an Shi
(I have chosen # 26 Multiple Intelligences; Word Count: 871) This essay on the Multiple Intelligences is based on my past 26 years of teaching experiences at the elementary and middle school grades, as well as teaching in teacher education in higher education at the university level
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Teach English in Gelou Zhen, Yan'an Shi
“Learning is not a game, although you learn by playing” When we teach it is not only a matter of writing on the board and expecting the students to absorb all the information and knowledge we have, it’s a matter of thinking and sharing what we know with the students
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