Teach English in Xiwangzhuang Zhen - Zaozhuang Shi

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Teaching online is quite a different process than teaching in a classroom, and this is true for teaching English as a Foreign Language as well. When approaching this form of teaching, it is important to be aware of what activities will not work for online teaching, and which ones will. It is also important to be aware of the time and effort needed by the students to complete the activities, and the teacher to grade and prepare them. The teacher should effectively explain the activities before assigning them and be available, via email or other, to help with questions from the students, since they will not be in a classroom to help instantly. Using the straight arrow Engage, Study, and Activate method, here are some examples of activities for each stage perfect for teaching online. The Engage stage is considered warmer to the lesson and should elicit interest from the students to learn. The teacher may send a video accompanying the lesson to each of the students for them to watch. For example, the video may be an entertaining YouTube sketch that each student is to watch and them comment on. If the lesson is covering pronunciation, perhaps the teacher will share the Substitute teacher sketch from Comedy Central on YouTube. The students may enjoy the video and laugh at it, as well as see how words (or names, in this video’s case) can be mispronounced. The students may then share with the teacher what made them laugh or what they enjoyed about the video. This video elicits a great activity that can be used when teaching pronunciation for EFL online. Following this will be the Study phase. This stage is perfect for the students to focus on the language, how it is constructed, and how pronunciation is formed and understood. One activity that can be sent to the students is a page with pictures of animals. The students can write first what the animal is – Cat – and then the phonetic spelling of the animal – kæt – to show they understand the material. In addition to this, a worksheet activity can be sent to the students to complete for the Study stage. This could be a list of tongue-twisters with directions to record oneself saying them, or hangman. One tongue twister could be the following: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? Finally, the Activate Stage. This stage may be the hardest to do when teaching online since it is meant as an opportunity for the students to communicate and use as much language as possible. One way to do this when online teaching is to send each student a questionnaire, ideally related to the topic of that lesson. For this example, the student could be sent a questionnaire about animals or videos on YouTube, and the students must fill out the entire form after asking family members or friends the questions. This work despite not being in a class with other students because the student can use the people who are around them. Teaching online may be daunting, but it is just as possible as teaching in a classroom. The teacher, and students, just need to be more creative and flexible with activities and lessons. It is important to make use of the materials you do have and keep up excellent communication between teacher and student despite not being in the same classroom. Finding activities that work for online teaching can help tremendously.