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American english Versus British english. Why do American and British people sound different even though they both speak english? Over many years people of different cultures immigrated to America. The english was mixed together and became a new branch of english different from the British one. We can see these differences in many aspects of the language such as spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary and more. British english is the form of english used in the United Kingdom. It includes all english dialects used within the United Kingdom. American english is the form of english used in the united states of America. It includes all english dialects used within the united states. The english language was first introduced to the Americas by British Colonization in 1607. Over the past 400 years the form of the language used in the united states and that used in the United Kingdom have deviated in a few minor ways, leading to the versions now referred to as American english and British english. British and American english are the reference norms for english as spoken and written language for teaching in the rest of the world. Member nations of the Commonwealth countries where english is not spoken natively, such as india, often closely follow British english forms, while many American english usages are followed in other countries which have been historically influenced by the united states Let's look at the various differences. Firstly, the spelling is different. For example, "color" in American english is spelled as "colour" in British english. Also, "analyze" in American english is spelled as "analyse" in British english Secondly, if we look at the differences between American english and British english we notice plenty of differences in vocabulary. The words are different, but they mean the same thing. In American english, we will say "apartment" instead of "flat" as it is used in British english. Also, in British english we use the term "mate" instead of "buddy" like in American english to refer to a friend. If you order "chips" in england, you will be served what are known as french fries in the united states. You need to ask for "crisps" in Great Britain if you actually want potato chips. Although many words are spelled the same in both forms of english, they may differ in pronunciation. For example: the pronunciation (accent) of British english is different from the pronunciation of American english. General American pronunciation is "rhotic", which means that the letter r is always pronounced. This is the pronunciation used by educated Americans, on television and on radio. Received Pronunciation is the pronunciation of the British upper class; it is often called the Queen's english. This is the pronunciation that you will learn at a British language school. Grammar rules are also often different in American and British english. For example, writers of American english include periods after every initial such as C.I.A. However, writers of British english exclude the full stops. British writers also normally include punctuation marks outside of the quotation marks. For example, "She ran all the way home". American english writers place the quotation marks inside the quotation marks: "She ran even faster when she heard her mother call!" Date and time is also written in a different format. For example; Christmas Day will be written as 25/12/2013 in the United Kingdom and 12/25/2013 in the America. This often leads to confusion. The UK makes us of the 24 hour clock, whereas America mainly makes use of the 12 hour clock with AM and PM. In conclusion, I think that one cannot really say one version of english is better than another. It is about personal preference in the end. Sure, American english is more famous than British english thanks to all the movies and music that America supplies worldwide. Britain also makes movies and music, but in a much lesser quantity.