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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

I will start of by asking ‘what would or could motivate a student to be in my class in the 1st place instead of being at home watching TV or out for a drink?' There are countless possibilities for this of just a few I will mention which I find to be the most important. - The students personal interest in the english language - How the student will perceive this to be useful in everyday life - Personal self-confidence and esteem - Personal values such as desire to learn, earn more money with a better job position etc. - Parents encouraging or forcing younger learners to go to class for future use or school With all these reasons in mind it is up to us the teacher or educator to keep these students motivated and wanting to learn more now that they are in our class. Yet again there are many different ways students learn and feel motivated in classroom environments. Based on research done here are a few of the most effective ways to keep students and even teachers alike motivated during the course. - Give students early, frequent and positive feedback in the course that will support the students' beliefs that they can do well and succeed in the course. - Help the students feel like a valued member of the class and learning environment. - When giving tasks out, ensure they are not too difficult or easy for the student to ensure the students will have an opportunity to succeed. - Create an open and positive environment and open environment in the classroom where the students can feel free to be themselves. - As far as possible try help the students find personal value and/or meaning in the topics and material provided to them. In a study done where students were asked to write down what they felt motivated them and what didn't, these eight were at the top in a survey of 20 lessons: - The organisation of the course - Relevance of the course material - The enthusiasm of the instructor - The use of relevant, understandable examples - The variety of the course material used - The correct level of difficulty of material and stuff being taught - The active involvement of the students - The students relationship with the teacher and amongst each other In a language that will be new to most if not all the students in a class it will be a tough and challenging job for us as teachers and students, yet will be rewarding at the end when we have achieved what we have set out in the beginning of the course. My personal beliefs are that if we remain patient and calm, always smile and remain approachable to the students they will want to come back. Many students may not come to class wanting to learn or be there but it's up to us as teachers to do our job and let everyone walk away with something learnt, even if it is only a little, we have still achieved part of our goal. It's up to us as teachers also to keep the learning process as interesting and varied also to keep the students motivated end involved in the class, a bored student will want to drift off and think of other thing rather than what is being taught. Maybe one of the easiest ways to keep the class interesting is to picture you learning the students' native language. How would you find it the easiest to stay motivated and interested in the class? You will probably see it will not be that different to how the students you teach will feel.