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Although the name of the language is the same across many countries, english is by no means a static, rigid set of rules. Like other languages, english has evolved and will continue to change over time. The english that england's sixteenth century people knew and carried with them to colonize foreign territories is now quite different from the language that they currently speak, and it is found in varying forms in all of the countries that now claim english as their primary language. Most people know that there are several spelling differences between British and American english. In order to make the differences clearer, I shall list them into categories, starting with the two most common differences, "-ise" and "-ize" and "-our" and "-or" spellings. our Vs or Reading articles or in prosing the web, you've probably noticed some common words spelled with these two different ways, such as favorite vs. favourite, honour and honor or colour and color. Of course, they are more, but the case is, generally, as follows: Americans drop the U, and the British don't. However, the words are pronounced the same regardless of the spellings. ise Vs ize Some words, like organize or realize have been changed from the original British spelling with S in place of Z. Other British spelt words are "realise", "visualise" and "stigmatise" where the American changed the s to z to write "realize", "visualize" and "stigmatize". There are many more different grammar changes that the Americans have made from the original english that was brought to the states long ago, but just for fun instead we will look at a few of the completely different words used to say the same thing. england America Biscuit Cookie Bun Muffin Headmaster Principle Spanner Wrench Cinema Theater Post Mail