TEFL Akron Ohio

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have personally gained so much from this course! Thank you, Tania especially, for guiding so patiently, professionally and clearly through those tough grammar units. Thank you for thoroughly explaining important points in a way anyone could understand (good teaching!) and for returning all of my finished units so promptly even when I had to resubmit them. Thank you to the video instructors for the extra review, instruction and clarification that fit so well with each lesson unit. Even the squeaky pens helped to rivet my attention to the details on those long nights getting through the first ten units! ? My hat is off to ITTT; you guys have done an outstanding job with this online course and I will highly recommend it to friends, colleagues and family. The most important personal gain for me has been “on the job training.” While I had been teaching esl within my small reading and math groups at Parnell school in Auckland and I had taught esl in 1994-95 with the College of Micronesia while serving in the US Peace Corps, it wasn't until I began volunteering at our church esl ministry, seeing hundreds of students quarterly, that I realized it! While I have taught primary school for 20 years, and have a Master's degree in Education, I realized that I still had a lot to learn. Your course has provided the knowledge, resources, know-how and materials that I needed. That continues now, as I embark on my new job as esl adjunct instructor for the Gateway Community College in Northern Kentucky, usa. I feel much more confident now about what and how to teach english. As I plan my daily lessons, I constantly put the things I have learned from the course in to practice. I use the grammar lessons for my daily “Grammar Points” time; I am reading simple books together with my students. I am constantly reviewing material taught and planning each lesson thoroughly, including the engage, study and activate stages. I am currently teaching part time at Gateway, but I would eventually like to expand to full time esl, as well as to begin an esl ministry at the church we are currently attending, Lakeside Christian Church in Lakeside, Kentucky. After our children have finished US high school (9 years) my husband and I would like to live permanently abroad again, perhaps through teaching esl.